Whatsapp Appoints Abhijit Bose As Head of Whatsapp India

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Abhijit Bose
The Facebook Owned Messaging app WhatsApp, Finally after a long Period of time accepted an important various demand of the Indian Government, which included the appointment of Country Head. In fact, the company has appointed its local head in India on Wednesday. WhatsApp has appointed Abhijit Bose as Country Head in India, Abhijit will be the first Whatsapp head of India. The company issued a statement and said that Bose will join the WhatsApp App at the beginning of the next year.

Whatsapp has said in a statement that Bose will be the first country head outside of California and he will work in the Gurgaon. other than Whatsapp Head Matt's Chief Operating Officer Matt has said, "Whatsapp is Committed to India. We will consistently build products that connect people to India's fastest growing digital economy. He said that being a successful entrepreneur, Bose knows how meaningful partnerships are prepared, which help companies across the country.

In India, there have been constant discussions with WhatsApp over the past few months. Fake news and rumors are the biggest reason. The Government of India has been demanding that the company find out the Origin of the Fake Message sent from Whatsapp. Although quoting privacy, the company has already refused to do so.

Speaking about Bose  In 2011, Abhijit Bose started Ezetap and was working as a CEO and co-founder of the company. This company is an electronic payment company. According to the statement of Whatsapp, Bose knows how to make a meaningful partnership as a successful businessman who will do business throughout the country.

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