Google Doodle celebrates Arecibo message 44 year anniversary

Google Doodle arecibo message
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Google celebrates the anniversary of the Arecibo message. Today i.e 16 November 2018, 44 years ago, today i.e 16 November, the first time person sent the first radio message to the stars outside the Earth. Respecting this achievement of human beings, Google has created a Google Doodle, by using Google Doodle Arecibo Message was created. This broadcast was powerful, but till today its message is not received. According to Google, the group of scientists sent radio messages from outside the planet Earth for the first time from the forests of Puerto Rico.

This 3-minute radio message had 1,679 binary digits, which could be arranged in a grid i.e. 23 columns and 73 rows. The goal of this series of numbers was that group of stars, which was located M-13, 25,000 light-years away from Earth.

The broadcast was quite powerful because the Arecibo was mounted in the 305-meter high antenna. According to Google, the Arecibo message sent since then will take some 25,000 years to reach its target. In such a situation, it is necessary to wait for the response message. Nobody knows when the message will come back.

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