microsoft conducted survey said india has 91% pirated software in there PCs

microsoft is tech giant software company is having the most popular operating system software windows. windows are the most popular operating system in the world.
recently Microsoft conducted the surveys to 9 Asian countries including India. Microsoft purchased the 166 brand new PCs from that 9 Asian countries in a different local computer seller. Microsoft purchased 22 PCs from India from that 22 PCs there 20 PCs having a pirated software preloaded already. so according to The tests reveal about 83% of all the computers had pirated software on brand new PCs. 91% of India bought computers had pirated software which was followed by Indonesia at 90 %, Taiwan at 73%, Singapore at 55 %, and the Philippines at 43%. While 100% of the computers bought in Malaysia, Vietnam and South Korea have pirated software. Overall, the 166 personal computers acquired from Asian countries, 137 or 83 percent were loaded with pirated software.

in Additionally, Singapore representative of Microsoft, Mary Jo Schrade reports that 85 % of Indian computers with pirated software also had some type of malware that malware can theft the user's data or can use the computer power for mining the cryptocurrency. These shocking and bad results raise major security concerns which one can associate with software piracy. and also there is some of the common issues include bugs, crashes, and no updates & support are seen.

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