PUBG Mobile Season 4 Update Coming with a New Features

Player Unknown BattleGround (PUBG) has become increasingly popular all over the world. It has come to the mobile even after the computer and its users are fast growing in India too. The company is preparing to launch the fourth season of this mobile game. PUBG'S Battle The Royal Game Third Season is Over 18 November

Many new features will be added in the 4th season of PUBG Smartphone users will get updates for PUBG's new season on November 20. On 21st November, Global Servers can be connected to it, i.e. 21 will be accessible to all devices. Good news for gamers is that the game will not be offline while updating.

The thing to note is that the ranking and scores of season 3 will not be counted in the latest version of PUBG. All new users must start with a whole new way.

After the new update, the game will also see the characters of the Hollywood movie Suicide Squad, Harley Quinn and Joker. Other character choices can be seen by Royal pass owners, who will be able to choose from two new avatars: a male and a female. Apart from this, now also the Assault Rifle M762 will be available. Weapons have been revamped. New backpacks, vehicles, airplanes, and parachutes are also available.

In this update, there will also be some changes in SanHok Maps, as well as scooters here.

According to the report, this time Hardcode mode will also be available in Arcade. Although it is for computers. In this, the enemy's footprints will not appear on the map. It will not even know where the firing is happening.

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