The worse password list of 2018 out, check this list if you are using one of this password

In the case of passwords, people are still not as conscious as they should be. An example of this is the list of the worst password issued every year. 2018 is about to end and this year there are many big stories in the internet world. Whether it's Facebook's largest data break or Google Plus is news about shutting down In each case, one thing was common and that it was messed up with the security of the users.

Many hacking has also happened because of the easy password. Even after so much knowledge of data security, people still have 123456 passwords and they are number one in the list of the worst password of 2018. This password is are also among the world's most popular password in this year.

Password Management Company Splash ID has released a list of 100 bad passwords in the year. on first number '123456', The second number is a "password" that people think is secure. But that's not all at all. On the third number in the list of bad passwords is 123456789 and it has come above last year.

Apart from these, some common passwords are also in this list which includes qwerty and admin. This year also there is some new passwords entry in this list. These include princess, sunshine,! @ # $% ^ & * And Donald.

These are the 25 password lists which are the weakest passwords of the year. If you also do this, be careful, because your password can be hacked by hacking your account. We recommend that you change your password and keep a strong password this time. The easiest way is to keep all kinds of combinations in the password. Make a password by adding uppercase, lowercase, numbers, and special characters. Make the password so that someone else can not afford it and do not keep the password anywhere.

- 123456

- password

- 123456789

- 12345678

- 12345

- 111111

- 1234567

- sunshine

- qwerty

- iloveyou

- princess

- admin

- welcome

- 666666

- abc123

- football

- 123123

- monkey

- 654321

-! @ # $% ^ & *

- charlie

- aa123456

- donald

- password1

- qwerty123

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